Is your garden bright or boring right now?

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It’s September, which means that Summer is drawing to a close but the garden is still ablaze with plants doing The late colours of Rudbeckia, Heleniums, Asters, Dahlias, Penstemons are in full force, the power-houses of Phlox, Monarda, Anemone, Verbena and Echincea are still going strong as they have for weeks now and the Sedums are just beginning to flush with pinky red. Other, earlier flowering, plants such as Alliums have produced some wonderful seed heads which give a different dimension to the herbaceous border as do the seed feathery heads of the grasses. All in all, there’s loads going on.

Boring garden? does this sound familiar?

Has your garden already run its course? Is it colourless and tired-looking by now? It doesn’t have to be that way, you know. But it does take a bit of planning.

Autumn 01utumn 02

When to plan…

Well, now is a good time. As we’re drawing to the end of the colourful year in the garden, this is a great time to have a look at the border with an objective eye. Firstly decide whether your border has something of interest for the times when you are most likely to be in the garden (have a think about this now, if necessary). Most people go in and out of the garden as the seasonal temperature goes down and up, so like the majority of us, you will probably want to spend time outside, relaxing, eating etc from June through to the end of September – hopefully!

Small tweeks is all it takes.

All of whhich says to me that you should be planning to have colour/interest in the garden or the areas near to the spot you spend the most time in, for the duration of those months. Ask yourself if there is a point within the months of June to September when your garden goes a bit flat and if there is, then those are the periods to concentrate on now, for next year. I’m not suggesting you need to make big changes – just have 2 or 3 reliable plants who will carry on flowering into September, dotted about in the border.

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Don’t have a ‘colour slump’.

Of course, it’s easy to say and often difficult to do, especially as your garden is at the mercies of the weather, pests and diseases too, all of which will affect flowering periods. That said though, and if you put in the work to rectify where and when you have a ‘colour slump’, you could get the most wonderful and up-lifting displays of colour and you recall that ‘Fortune favours the brave’.

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